At the end of 2020, market research firm Ruigrok NetPanel conducted research into e-commerce purchasing behavior and the role that media play in this. The questionnaire was requested in both the Netherlands and Belgium. One of the conclusions is that almost a third of the Dutch (31%) indicate that they have more confidence in the actual delivery by e-commerce companies when they advertise on TV. For social media advertising (16%) and online advertising (20%) this is a lot lower.

Almost all Dutch people aged 18 and older make online purchases
The survey was conducted from November 25 to December 7, 2020 among a representative sample of the Dutch population aged 18 and older. The sample consists of 1,102 respondents who have bought something online in the past year. That is 97% of all Dutch people aged 18 and over, almost the entire Dutch population aged 18 and over. Only 3% of all Dutch people have made no online purchases in the past year. After the initial questions about online purchasing behaviour, which were asked to all respondents, the respondents were randomly divided into four different blocks, each of which was asked separately about the role of one of the four different media studied: TV, radio, social media and online. commercial break.

Three out of ten Dutch people buy groceries online
The products that the Dutch have bought most online in the past year are, in succession, clothing, items for home & garden, books/games/CDs/DVDs, dinner, vacation/travel/hotel/apartment and personal care products. Three in ten Dutch people, 29%, sometimes buy groceries online. Women are significantly more likely to buy toys, personal care products, groceries, clothing and make-up. Men are significantly more likely to purchase computer/mobile telephones, other electronic equipment, financial products and DIY items.

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